This special locking system is one of the most innovative locking system in the world ever develop by a group of professional electrical and mechanical engineer together with locksmith. This locking system is so robust and elegant that it can be used in any kind of interior deco. This lock can be install on wooden, metal and even glass sliding as well as swing door.

As the this special lock uses a remote controller to open and lock the door, thus it is very convenience to open the door even from a distance.

Also this special lock can be installed together with any home automation system. It truly is one of the most innovative systems in the world.

Really Secure

With wireless remote control type employed, This special lock virtually impossible to penetrate because the smart remote control system is embedded with 3.2 billion secret codes that NO ONE can reach them at all.

Best Reliability

The quality and reliability of HIGH SECURITY LOCKS is verified by various organizations such as Korean Patent (Patent No. 263981) CE, American Home Insurance Policy, etc. You can be rest assured with HIGH SECURITY LOCKS high security and best reliability Korean leading mass media including Arirang TV acknowledged HIGH SECURITY LOCKS in their prime programs.

Assurance on the Locking System

In the event of flat batteries the lock will give out a buzzer sound 5times. If nothing is done to replace the batteries the buzzer can continue to sound for 20 days before the batteries expires. During this time the lok can still be used. Once the 4 batteries are totally flat. The internal back-up battery will be on standby to enable the lock to open 1 time only and cannot close again until the batteries are replaced.

Maximum Security



First in the world, this security lock can be install on both right and left hand doors. As the system is easy to install it can be detach from one door and move to another door without a locksmith or carpenter.

High Security

This HIGH SECURITY LOCK has no sign of installment or access on front side of the door such as key hole, key pad, finger print, card reader, etc and just can be opened with special un-limited remote controls that are set with bilions of passwords to guarantee maximum security, so no one without remote control can open the door.

Good Convenience

HIGH SECURITY LOCKS is remote controlled, you do not need to go to door whenever you open and close the door. This remote control function is quite convenient especially for children, elderly and handicap to operate the system. In addition, you can open and close many HIGH SECURITY LOCKS with only one remote control, if you install more than one HIGH SECURITY LOCKS at home, office, shop, etc

How to install 1 or more locks

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