So-called ‘cable crime’ is reaching astronomic levels; to help prevent and detect such crime, security specialists Secupre have introduced GSM/GPRS wireless monitoring system specifically designed for this application.

Energy, rail, telecom, irrigation and mining industries have all become highly vulnerable to a copper crime wave fuelled by the soaring price of all scrap metals which has seen copper prices alone more than triple since few years ago.

Police say incidents of cable thefts from railways, Energy, telecom andirrigation have seen a dramatic increase in the last 3 years with the cost of replacing the stolen cables, whilst the electricity and telecom industry put the figure at much more than other industries. To combat this rising tide of ‘cable crime’, security specialists Secupro have introduced GSM/GPRS wirless monitoring/controlling system,

For locations like Energy, telecom, irrigation, mining quarries and railway engineering works it is not always practical to install permanent CCTV or cost-effective to have 24-hour manned guarding. But these are the very same locations where cable is stored (or simply left lying around) while work is in progress, making them highly vulnerable to theft.

We introduced the new GSM/GPRS wirless monitoring/controlling system in response to the significant increase in enquiries from organisations up and down the territory that have now experienced theft of copper cable and other metal-based raw materials from criminals that want to cash in on their high scrap value.

“GSM/GPRS wirless monitoring/controlling system functions is exactly the same way as conventional CCTV but without the need for cabling. In most cases it can be integrated with our other wireless systems to further enhance the deterrent and detection effect.

“Being wireless, the system is much quicker, easier and simpler to install; no PSTN phone lines are required and it can be redeployed in any new location giving major reductions in overall security costs.

“Apart from the known deterrent effect of GSM/GPRS wirless monitoring/controlling system, we can back the installation up with our 24-hour central monitoring service which means we can react instantly to any incident, alerting on-site security, mobile patrols or the police”.

Generally, BTS is built outdoors. It is easily damaged and stolen. Especially, the copper cables.  If so, It will caused serious and enormous losses for the mobile communication system. So the security surveillance and outdoor alarm monitoring system of BTS is getting more and more attention. Based on 3G network surveillance system timely stores local monitoring video and transmits alarm video to monitoring center. It can not only reduce the labor strength and significantly improve work efficiency, but also effectively decrease BTS theft events and prevent crime.


Solution Design

GSM Remote monitoring and Control System  

The unit attached inside the BTS room. It connect to the magnetic door sensor, tamper switch, temperature sensor .  If any instruder , the unit will SMS or via GPRS sending the alarm signal to the center monitoring system and the technician mobile phone 

Heavy duty magnetic door sensor  

Install at the door. Any intruder try to open the door illegally, it will trigger the WT 9001 GSM remote monitor and control system.  Upon WT 9001 received the trigger, it will trigger the outdoor siren and sending the alarm signal to mobile phone or alarm receiver center

Outdoor motion sensor install at the 4 angle of the BTS. Any intruder illegal trespass, it will trigger the WT 9001 and sending alarm signal.  The PIR must be pet immune because it have to prevent giving the fault alarm when small animal pass by. For example, the birds, dog, and other. 

3G CCTV Camera  -  Usually , the criminal case happen at night. When the alarm trigger and siren, the technician need to view the actual situation at site. He can use his mobile phone to view at the site information any time without any internet line

Temper sensor  - You will surprise how professional are them. They will not open your door but they will break though your door. Temper sensor is required to make sure the alarm will trigger if any intruders


Temperature sensor used to control the temperatures either too hot or too cold which will affect the expensive equipment in the BTS.  It might not required if you feel your site don’t required for this sensor


Water leaking sensor  - to prevent for any water leak into the BTS or raining too heavy and causing the damages to the BTS equipment 

Technical Specification

Operating Voltage: 15VDC, 2W
Current Consumption: 70mA idle, +60mA per active relay
Number of Inputs: 2 Digital Protected Inputs
Number of Outputs: 2 Relay Outputs
Relay Contact Capacity - NC: 20A @ 240VAC/ 28VDC
NO: 30A @ 240VAC/ 28VDC
Frequency Band: 900/1800Mhz or 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Humidity: Less than 80% RH
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 55ºC
Security Features: Password Protected access and phone number checks
System Health Check: Remote health check feature via SMS
Indicators: Power, Telco Network, Signal Low
Repeat SMS of Alarms: User Configurable
I/O Interface: 3.8mm pitch pluggable screw terminal block
Output pulse capability: Yes

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